We develop and translate novel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques. We have special focus on advanced metabolic imaging using hyperpolarized carbon-13 MRI. It is our aim to improve the diagnostic accuracy by imaging the underling metabolic disturbances in diseases and their response to therapy.

We aim at understanding the genotype-phenotype relations in Disorders of Sex Development like Turner and Klinefelter syndrome using precise clinical phenotyping, epidemiology, omics, and validation of findings in zebrafish. Our goal is to improve treatment and develop novel therapeutic strategies.

We study pituitary hormones and diseases with a special focus on growth hormone (GH). We focus on effects of GH and insulin on substrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity. We do studies in patients with acromegaly and GH-deficiency, pituitary-adrenal axis disorders and gluocorticoid excess.

Experiential clinical and epidemiological research on bone metabolic diseases and the calcium-vitamin D-parathyroid axis with focus on classical skeletal effects and non-classical extra-skeletal outcomes.

Saving lives with clinical epidemiological research, based on large healthcare databases! I do research in metabolic diseases. Primary fields of interest include complications of type 2 diabetes, pharmaco-epidemiology, interaction between chronic diseases and severe infections including COVID-19.

Our lab studies the various aspects of chronic kidney desease, including the role of the prostaglandin system in renal inflammation as well as renal fibrosis, and we aim to unravel mechanisms of disease and to identify new therapeutic targets. Our work ranges from basic science to clinical research.

Associate Professors

Diabetes can lead to a number of long-term complications. We aim to identify and analyse clinically relevant biomarkers for risk stratification in diabetes and to understand the mechanisms behind the development of diabetic nephropathy and diabetic cardiovascular disease.

Our research focus on inborn errors of metabolism. We integrate genetic diagnostics with research into cell pathological mechanisms and novel treatments with focus on mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress. We apply our knowledge in complex metabolic diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I focus on development of non-invasive methods based on Magnetic Resonance. This includes pulse sequences and data analysis tools. Main focus is on cardiovascular MRI and kidney functional assessment, and is including both pre-clinical and human research.

Research interest is the impact of nutrition on metabolism in relation to metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Focus on proteins, fibre, fat quality and bioactives in e.g coffee and berries. Insulin sensitivity, postprandial lipemia and body composition are typical outcomes in the human trials.

Working both as a clinician, taking care of pregnant women with diabetes, and as a researcher, I combine my genuine interest in glucose metabolism during pregnancy by searching for causes of insulin resistance during pregnancy and clarifying the consequences for both mother and child.

Our research focuses on improving and developing MR based methods for metabolic profiling of cells, biopsies and biofluids. We utilize the molecular imaging technique hyperpolarized 13C MR to create a better understanding of the biomolecular patterns related to disease progression and treatment.

Assistant Professors and Postdocs