Cancer and Hematology

With almost 10 mio lives lost each year, cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the western world. We are committed to ensure that both patients with cancer and patients with benign blood disorders have access to the most effective available treatments.

What we do

Our interdisciplinary research covers the entire translational spectrum from epidemiological to experimental and clinical cancer research, often embedded in national and international collaborations. Multiple techniques are used such as whole genome sequencing, advanced flow cytometry, stem cell transplantation and cancer cytogenetics.

Who we are

We are approximately 200 researchers represented by medical doctors, nurses, radiation physicists,  molecular biologists, cancer geneticists and bioinformaticians within oncology,  and hematology. We also collaborate with biomedical and pharmaceutical industry, and, at increasing pace, with patient advocacy groups and regulatory agencies.

Cancer treatment of the future

Meet associate professor
Iben Lyskjær

Iben Lyskjær’s research is focused on finding better ways to identify and treat high-risk kidney cancer patients.

Meet clinical associate professor
Hans Beier Ommen

How do leukemic subclones respond to chemotherapy? Hans Beier Ommen uses monitoring techniques to investigate this question.

Research areas and centres

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