Liver and Gut

The liver and the gut are the center of you and of what we do. We study their many functions in health and their dysfunctions in disease. Did you know that the liver fills 500 jobs to keep us alive? That the surface area of the gut is one-half badminton court? Or that it has its own nervous system?

What we do

We do genetic studies, molecular studies, cellular studies, animal studies, and human studies. We use functional imaging, conduct experimental surgery, we design poop pills, and use extensive healthcare databases. We also study inflammation and infection, biopsy and biology, genetics and geriatrics, peristalsis and paresis.

Who we are

We are more than 50 researchers brought to the field by fascination and engaged colleagues and mentors. But there is only one reason why we keep doing it and that is the patients.

Research into better treatment of Wilson's Disease

Meet clinical professor
Christian Lodberg Hvas

“While many researchers focus on the healthy gut, my research aims to improve the treatment of life-threatening diseases by modulating the microbiome.”

Meet associate professor
Karen Louise Thomsen

Is brain dysfunction in patients who suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease a consequence of malfunction of the liver and brain inflammation?

Research areas and centres