How to collaborate with us

We conduct clinical and experimental research in all medical specialties. Not only Aarhus University Hospital, but all hospitals in the Region are affiliated with our department. Please contact us, if you want to collaborate with our researchers.

We have dedicated clinical and experimental labs within all medical specialties. Aarhus University Hospital is the largest hospital in Northern Europe and comprises a core facility on is own.

You can access the latest research within a specific area by entering into an agreement with Aarhus University on licensing a research result.

You have the opportunity to enter into three types of collaboration with researchers from Clinical Medicine: Co-financed research, commissioned research or a scheme where you hire an industrial researcher in your company for a limited period.

Trial Nation offers a single, national entry point for pharmaceutical companies wishing to conduct clinical trials in Denmark.

Use the Validation Certificate to document that the electronic record system is validated and secure.

Regional coordinator Helene Nørrelund can help with:

  • Obtaining information on relevant collaborators in the Central Denmark Region and on relevant collaborators in other Danish regions.
  • Initiating contact to collaborators.
  • Making feasibility assessments at registry level.

Need more information?

Please contact one of our business engagement partners, if you are interested in a strategic partnership where your company or organisation commits to cooperating with the Department of Clinical Medicine in research or innovation during a period of time.

Our competences span the development of health tech, pharma and products in the fields of all medical specialties. At our disposal is Northern Europe's largest hospital along with a number of core facilities for experimental and clinical research.

Case: Don't be afraid to knock on the researchers' doors

"The partnership is an excellent example of how much we can achieve by bringing the right collaborative partners together. It’s been a strong match with each of us bringing different core competences to the table. Without this partnership, we couldn’t exist, as it’s crucial for us to have access to blood samples from pregnant women. At the same time, it’s been a great pleasure to collaborate with such passionate people."

Palle Schelde, CEO of Arcedi Biotech

Arcedi Biotech has, together with researchers from the Department of Clinical Medicine and Aarhus University Hospital, developed a test that can replace a placental biopsy with a blood sample.