Teaching and programmes

The Department of Clinical Medicine prioritizes using the most qualified educators.

All lecturers are experienced researchers who know the latest techniques in their field, and they undergo an associate professor assessment every 5 years.

The department holds overall clinical responsibility for:

The MSc programme in medicine lasts three years, and builds on your knowledge and skills from the BSc programme. Your theoretical knowledge and your practical skills will be brought up to a higher level and your medical perspective will be greater.

Do you want to collaborate?

The department is very interested in collaborations with industry and other external partners concerning these important elements of the medical curriculum:

  • Individual courses (10 ECTS) where a supervisor for an eight-week period trains the student with regard to a specific academic mission within a research group. The course allows for follow up by a master thesis and eventually by a research year
  • Master thesis (10 ECTS)
  • Research Year which is an extracurricular activity allowing for immersion
  • Development of AU Summer University courses (5-10 ECTS) covering a palette of academic topics

You may always consult the Deputy Head of Department for Education.