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Are you interested in joining us? We seek to encourage an open and supportive environment for all clinicians, researchers, and students interested in the domain of cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, or anaesthesiology.

The majority of the clinicians at the department are active and involved in our research, and we aim to integrate research in our daily clinical work. Read more about the opportunities we are offering below or contact us.

Want to join us for research or clinical training?

We are offering a variety of Education Programmes here at Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CTVS) at Aarhus University Hospital. Feel free to discover the possibilities under "Education".

Research training

We offer research training on different levels (students or postgraduate).

Research training as a student

As a student it is possible to participate in research projects, or start their own projects. This can be done as part of the Master's Degree Programme in Medicine as part of the Individual Programme (DA: det individuelle forløb)

  • Project Protocol (2th semester of Master's Degree Programme in Medicine)
  • Project Course (2th semester of Master's Degree Programme in Medicine)
  • Master Thesis (4th semester of Master's Degree Programme in Medicine)

or by admission to a research programme at the Graduate School of Health

  • Research & Innovation Honours Programme
  • Research Year Programme
  • Integrated PhD Programme (part A)

There are different pros and cons, and what you should choose depends on your expectations, capabilities, and work load as well as the current possibilities at the department. If you want to discuss, please contact a medical student at our department.

Postgraduate research training

We offer the possibility to conduct a PhD study at our department by admission to the PhD Programme at the Graduate School of Health. Please take a look at our predefined PhD projects or contact a Professor or Associate Professor to hear about current possibilities.

Clinical training

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Want to join us as a researcher?

Are you a researcher, engineer, project nurse, or lab technician looking for the possibility to join us? We would like to hear from any postdoctoral researcher, or any other researcher who wish to become a part of the team.

For specific enquiries or more information on current opportunities, please visit our page for vacant positions. If you have any questions or unsolicited want to discuss opportunities, please contact the department.

Responsible for research personnel

Thomas Decker Christensen

Clinical professor and chair

Want to join us as a clinician?

Are you a medical doctor, nurse, or secretary looking for the possibility to join us? Read more about our profile and who we are or discover vacant positions on

Responsible for clinical personnel

Want to collaborate?

Whether you are interested in collaborating with the department or a specific researcher, we are always ready to hear from you. We are very interested in both international and national research collaboration as well as collaboration with the industry.

We have a history of very profitable collaborations with both other hospitals, departments, research groups, and companies. We invite you to discover our current collaborations. Please contact the department or any of our researchers if you are interested in collaboration.