Alumni at CTVS



PhD Dissertations

Marcell Juan Tjørnild, MD PhD

"Mitral Valve Reconstruction using Porcine Extracellular Matrix - In Vitro and Acute Porcine Posterior Leaflet Evaluation"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

Sebastian Udholm, MD PhD DMSc

"Small Atrial Septal Defects"

Camilla Nyboe, MD PhD DMSc

"Morbidity and Mortality in Adults with Atrial Septal Defects"

Peter Agger, MD PhD DMSc

"Cardiac structure, function and metabolism"

Signe Holm Larsen, MD PhD DMSc

"Treatment of congenital heart disease - From neonates with a fatal illness to adults with long-term issues"

PhD Dissertations

Mariam Abdi Noor, MSc PhD

"Development and Characterization of a Novel Aortic Annuloplasty Ring for Aortic Valve Repair"

Zarmiga Karunanithi, MD PhD

"Atrial Septal Defects: Subtle deteriorations decades after correction"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

Niklas Telinius, MD PhD DMSc

"Human lymphatic vessels - from in vitro to in vivo"

PhD Dissertations

Benjamin Asschenfeldt Arlander, MD PhD

"The Brain Matters in Simple Congenital Heart Defects"

Research Year Theses

Malene Enevoldsen

"Performance evaluation of temporary epicardial pace wire with integrated sensor for pacing, sensing, and continuous postoperative monitoring of myocardial function"

Andreas Lind Johannessen

"Lymphatic function and morphology in the upper extremities of breast cancer treated women - A follow-up study"

Daniel Julius Lauritzen

"Long-term neurodevelopmental effects of low intraoperative blood pressure during surgical closure of a septal defect in infancy or early childhood"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

Johan Heiberg, MD PhD DMSc

"Outcomes in young adults after surgical closure of a ventricular septal defect in infancy or early childhood - A long-term follow up"

PhD Dissertations

Leila Benhassen, MD PhD

"Characterization of aortic valve-sparing techniques with different annuloplasty rings"

Sebastian Udholm, MD PhD

"Lifelong burden of small unrepaired atrial septal defect"

Research Year Theses

Camilla Mensel

"Preoperative screening for iron-deficiency in vascular patients to reduce blood transfusions"

Lejla Islamagic

"Biomechanical comparison of porcine mitral leaflets with porcine small-intestinal submucosa extracellular matrix"

Nicolai Boutrup

"Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Adults with Small Unrepaired Atrial Septal Defects"

Mathias Alstrup

"Lymphatic morphology and function in breast cancer treated women"

Lene Thorup

"Total eclipse of the heart: Is Vitamin D deficiency associated with rheumatic heart disease in Nepal?"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

Lars Peter Schødt Riber, MD PhD DMSc

"Prevention and impact of post-operative atrial fibrillation after cardio-thoracic surgery"

PhD Dissertations

Adrian Bauer, ECCP PhD

"Minimal invasive extracorporeal circulation - Impact on inflammation and coagulation"

Farhad Waziri, MD PhD

"Long-term effect of pulmonary thromboendarterectomy on right ventricular exercise hemodynamics, myocardial deformation and physical performance in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension"

Sheyanth Mohanakumar, MD PhD

“Human Lymphatics: The 3 I´s. Identify, Investigate and Influence”

Mette Høj Lauridsen, MD PhD

"Brain matters in heart matters - from early fetal development"

Marie Maagaard Sørensen, MD PhD

"A small, unrepaired ventricular septal defect. To care or not to care?"

Research Year Theses

Benjamin Kelly

"Near Infrared Fluorescence Imaging of the Lymphatic Vasculature in the Human Arm – a Validation Study"

Nikolaj Bøgh

"Myocardial metabolism in heart failure induced by right ventricular volume overload"

Jacob Hesselby Hedensted

”In vitro evaluation of a single and double annuloplasty ring in aortic root repair”

Mine Onat

"Concomitant ablation for atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing cardiac surgery"

Anne Sif Lund Ovesen

"Inflammatory and neurohormonal activity in adult patients with atrial septal defect"


PhD Dissertations

Dorthe Viemose Nielsen, MD PhD

"Perioperative care of the cardiac surgical patient; The anesthetist´ perspective"

Søren Nielsen Skov, MSc PhD

"Mitral valve reconstruction using annuloplasty rings - In vivo biomechanical characterization"

Tommy Kragh Bechsgaard, MSc PhD

"Biomechanical characterization of the aortic root and valve sparing procedures"

Research Year Theses

Filip Carl Arne Eckerström

"Pulmonary function at rest in adult patients with a surgically corrected ventricular septal defect"

Karen Bagger Poulsen

"Biomechanical effects of an annuloplasty ring on a novel tissue engineered reconstruction of the posterior mitral leaflet"

Mona Sharghbin

"Comparison of Dacron ring and suture annuloplasty for aortic root repair. An in vitro evaluation"

Christian Emil Rex

"The cardiopulmonary capacity of operated ventricular septal defect patients"

Camilla Omann Christensen

"The myocardial mural architecture changes through the cardiac cycle in both the left and the right ventricles"

Troels Lading

"Comparison of aortic root remodeling techniques - with and without a supporting annular ring. An in vitro evaluation"

Jens Madsen

"Biomechanical assessment of the papillary muscle approximation performed in an acute porcine model"


PhD Dissertations

Peter Agger, MD PhD

"Myocardial remodelling in right ventricular dilatation"

Mariann Tang, MD PhD

"Coagulopathy in cardiac surgery"

Diana M. Røpcke, MD PhD

"Tricuspid valve reconstruction using porcine extracellular matrix. Functional and biomechanical aspects"

Laura Sommer Hansen, MD PhD

"What happens when the patient goes home? Mortality, mobidity, and quality of care after open cardiac surgery"

Research Year Theses

Jonas Rasmussen

”In-vivo evaluation of flexible mitral annuloplasty rings - Are they all the same?”

Thomas Lindskow

"David versus Yacoub aortic root repair: Assessment and comparison of stress distribution in the aortic root. A clinical porcine experimental study"

Jacob Grønlund

"A validation study of near infrared fluorescence imaging of lymphatic vessels in humans"

Zarmiga Karunanithi

"Long-term follow-up on children with ASD"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

Morten Ølgaard Jegstrup Jensen, MSc PhD DMSc

"Biomechanical Aspects of Mitral Valve Function and Repair"

Henrik Jensen (now Henrik Jensen Vodstrup), MD PhD DMSc

"Surgical treatment of functional ischemic mitral regurgitation"

PhD Dissertations

Eva Amalie Nielsen, MD PhD

"A stressed right ventricle. Morphology and long-term outcome"

Research Year Theses

Christine Ilkjær

"Functional and biomechanical effects of conventional ring annuloplasty on a novel tissue engineered tricuspid valve prosthesis"

Marcell J. Tjørnild

"Biomechanical assessment of a novel mitral annuloplasty ring in an acute porcine model"

Simon Fuglsang Simonsen

"VO22-max test and exercise-based cardiovascular rehabilitation in patients treated surgically for type-A acute aortic dissection"

Benjamin Asschenfeldt Arlander

"Cardiac Output during Exercise can be Reliably Estimated by Ventilatory Gas Exchange - A randomized validation study"


PhD Dissertations

Dirk Troitzsch, MD PhD

"Monitoring tissue oygenation in surgery. Experimental studies"

Johan Heiberg, MD PhD

"Long-term outcome after surgical closure of ventricular septal defect in infancy or early childhood - A cohort study with age- and gender-matched controls"

Camilla Nyboe, MD PhD

"Atrial Septal Defect in the Adult"

Kasper Grosen, RN MSc PhD

"Pain following thoracic surgery: Prevalence, prediction and prevention"

Research Year Theses

Anne Cristina Tversted

"Regeneration of vascular tissue in biodegradable grafts"

Hanna Nilsson

"Quality of self-manged oral anticoagulant therapy. Sex differences in treatment quality of self-managed oral anticoagulant therapy: 6,900 patient-years of follow-up"


PhD Dissertations

Niklas Telinius, MD PhD

"Spontaneous and induced contractility of human lymphatic vessels"

Rikke Falsig Vestergaard, MD PhD

"Sternal Healing Characteristics. Animal and clinical experimental investigation"

Research Year Theses

Sofie Laugesen

"Motion analysis of chronically infarcted left ventricles with feature tracking of cine magnetic resonance images; preliminary results"

Sebatian Udholm

"Delayed uptake and washout of contrast in infarcted myocardium shown with 4D CT in pigs"


PhD Dissertations

Kirsten Rønholt Pedersen, MD PhD

"Acute kidney injury in children undergoing surgery for congenital heart disease"

Birgitte Saima Kousholt, DVM PhD

"Natriuretic Peptides as Therapy in Cardiac Ischaemia/Reperfusion"

Jesper Langhoff Hønge, MD PhD

"Recellularization and remodeling of tissue engineered bioprosthetic heart valves"

Research Year Theses

Ted Carl Andelius

"Bone healing after sternotomy"

Marie Maagaard Sørensen

"Normalized cardiopulmonary function following the Nuss procedure for Pectus Excavatum - 3 years follow-up. A prospective, controlled study"

Nathja Ravn

"A novel porcine model for mitral regurgitation and consequences of left ventricular dilation and hypertrophy"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

Thomas Decker Christensen, MD PhD DMSc

"Self-management of oral anticoagulation therapy - Methodological and clinical aspects"

PhD Dissertations

Thais Almeida Lins Pedersen, MD PhD

"Late morbidity after repair of aortic coarctation"

Hans Henrik Møller Nielsen, MD PhD

"Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation"

Jesper Brink Askov, MSc PhD

"A biomechanical approach to Mitral Valve - Left Ventricular Interaction with special reference to the Impact of Mitral Annuloplasty Ring Flexibility"

Martin Majlund Mikkelsen, MD PhD

"Risk prediction and prognosis following cardiac surgery: The EuroSCORE and new potential prognostic factors"

Jonas Amstrup Funder, MD PhD

"Hemodynamic and biomechanical properties of stentless aortic valve prostheses in vivo"

Research Year Theses

Susani Rothmann

"Congenital heart disease. Quality of life assessment, child versus parent"

Filippa Sundbye

"Assessment of aortic root remodelling in a novel surgical model for aortic regurgitation and chronic left ventricular dilatation"

Thyge Madsbøll

"Does Ostene-G reduce infection rates compared to bonewax after median sternotomy?"

Martin Frydland

"Chromogranin A in acute cardiac ischemia/reperfusion damage. A porcine experimental study"

Kristian Wemmelund

"Circulatory Collapse Caused by Pleural Effusion-Evaluated in a Porcine Model"

Farhad Waziri

"A Surgical Anatomy Study of the Porcine Tricuspid Valve"

Tanja Hübertz Horsager

"Assessment of left ventricular dimensions and function in a novel porcine model for aortic regurgitation and chronic left ventricular dilatation"

Thomas Lass

"Assessment of Left Ventricular Outflow Tract (LVOT) Dynamic Geometry in Pigs with Induced Supravalvular Aortic Stenosis"


PhD Dissertations

Anders Koustrup Niemann, MSc PhD

"Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations of a-v fistulas. From MRI and Ultrasound scans to numerical evaluation of hemodynamics and morphology"

Morten Smærup Olsen, MD PhD

"Prognosis for Danish patients with congenital heart defects. Mortality, psychiatric morbidity and educational achievement"

Rasmus Haarup Lie, MD PhD

"Ischemic and pharmacological postconditioning in experimental ischemia and reperfusion"

Research Year Theses

Torben Brøchner Pedersen

"A comparative study of lung sealants in an ex vivo porcine model"

Martin Bødtker Mortensen

"Assessment of the in-vivo cellularisation in tissue engineered PCL scaffolds in the aorta of juvenile pigs"

Elisabeth Askjem Ellingsen

"Tetralogy of Fallot. Quality of life, family status, education and job status"

Erik Hansen

"The Impact of Complete and Partial Mitral Ring Annuloplasty on Mitral and Aortic Annular Dynamics and Interactions"

Maria Kirstine Møller-Madsen

"Three-dimensional Architecture of the Hypertrophied Left Ventricle; Assessment with Cardiac Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging"


PhD Dissertations

Signe Holm Larsen, MD PhD

"Outcome assessment following congenital heart surgery: Mortality, morbidity and functional health"

Him Shing Ng, MSc PhD

"Identification of Microembolic Signals Detected by Ultrasonography"

Henrik Jensen (now Henrik Jensen Vodstrup), MD PhD

"A Novel Integrated Surgical Approach to Chronic Functional Ischemic Mitral Valve Regurgitation: Impact of Adding Papillary Muscle Relocation to Down-Sized Ring Annuloplasty"

Research Year Theses

Albin Stigö

"Reliability of Speckle Tracking and Doppler Tissue Velocity Imaging for Assessment of Myocardial Strain"

Ole Græsvig Sandal

"MRI velocity profile of the pericarbon Freedom Solo aortic valve prosthesis compared with the Mitroflow valve"

Stefan Vind-Kezunovic

"Regional Wall Motion in Ischemic Heart Failure Assessed by Tagged Cardiac MRI"

Jesper Langhoff Hønge

"Recellularization and Calcification in Decellularized Heart Valves in a Chronic Porcine Model"

Maj Lesbo

"Cardiopulmonary function in pectus excavatum patients compared to healthy control subjects"


PhD Dissertations

Morten Ølgaard Jegstrup Jensen, MSc PhD

"Mitral Valve Force Balance: The Left Ventricular Tug of War"

Jens Kjærgaard Rolighed Larsen, MD PhD

"Aneshetic Preconditioning in Normal and Hypertrophic Porcine Myocardium"

Research Year Theses

Markus Winther Frost

"Leaflet opening and closing dynamics of stentless bioprostheses"

Peter Agger Nielsen

"A comparison between TachoComb ® and TachoSil ® for surgical hemostasis in cardiovascular surgery: An animal experimenal study"

Rikke Falsig Vestergaard

”Does Ostene® improve bone healing and reduce inflammatory response compared with Bone Wax after sternotomy?”

Kim Sivesgaard

"Evaluation of a novel speckle tracking ultrasound application for measuring cardiac strain"

Sara Dahl Christensen

"Effects of Sildenafil on left ventricular hypertrophy. A Study on piglets operated by aortic banding"

Homa Waziri

"Assessment of the immunologic response towards decellularized porcine mitral valve tissue in a mouse model"

Eva Amalie Nielsen

"Right Ventricular Three-dimensional Architecture is preserved During Experimentally Induced Right Ventricular Hypertrophy - Assessment with Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging"


PhD Dissertations

Lars Riber Zebis, MD PhD

"Feasible, practical and economical evaluation of postoperative prophylaxis with amiodarone for the prevention of atrial fibrillation"

Søren Rosborg Aagaard, MD PhD

"Prevention of myocardial stunning. The effect of different approaches in a porcine model"

Research Year Theses

Mette Sørensen

"Optimization of an Experimental Porcine Model for Valvular Aortic Stenosis"


PhD Dissertations

Lotte Gam Pedersen, DVM PhD

"Expression of endothelin in mitral valve leaflets and the usefulness of circulating asymmetric dimethylarginine as a marker of asymptomatic mitral regurgitation"

Peter Lukac, MD PhD

"Tachycardias after atrial incisions - mechanisms, prevention and ablation"

Research Year Theses

Kirsten Rønholt

"Acute renal failure managed with peritoneal dialysis after surgery for congenital heart disease in children"

Christina Friis Jensen

"Quality control of oral anticoagulant therapy: Warfarin versus Phenprocoumon and individualized versus conventional management"

Jane Dahl Andersen

”Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Image Evaluation of Chronic Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation in a Porcine Model”

Marianne Fiskbæk Bjerre

"An Animal Model of Chronic Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation"

Morten B. Bramsen

"Precision and Accuracy of 3D Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging is Dependent upon Left Ventricular Chamber Size and Morphology"

Hans Kristian Brødløs

"Development of a Chronic Porcine Model of Postinfarction Dilated Heart Failure"

Hilde Høimyr

"Surgical repair of Coarctation of the Aorta: 40 years of follow-up"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

Sten Lyager Nielsen, MD PhD DMSc

"Functional ischemic mitral regurgitation - mechanistic insights and therapeutic implications"

PhD Dissertations

Thomas Decker Christensen, MD PhD

"Self-management of oral anticoagulant therapy"

Smita DuttaRoy, MD PhD

"Transplantation of Autologous Endothelial Cells and Endothelial Progenitor Cells for Angiogenesis. The feasibility of using Autologous Cells as Gene Therapy Vectors. Novel therapeutical options in ischemic heart disease"

Morten Smerup, MD PhD

"Left Ventricular Function after Mitral Valve Replacement in Pigs: The Role of Secondary Chordae Tendineae"

Research Year Theses

Søren Lunde

"Development of an Experimental Porcine Model for Left Ventricular Hypertrophy"

Jo Bønding Andreasen

"Junctional Ectopic Tachycardia - Changes in Incidence over a five year period"


PhD Dissertations

Carsten Riis, MSc PhD

"Systematic 3D Ultrasound Evaluation of Breast Lesions"

Peter Johansen, MSc PhD

"Quantification of Cavitation in the Vincinity of Mechanical Heart Valves"

Pia Hughes, MD PhD

"Right Heart Assist for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting"

Jette Scheby Berg, MD PhD

"Ischaemic Myocardial Preconditioning. Hemodynamic and motility aspects studied in pigs"

Mads Lomholt, MD PhD

"Functional differentiation of mitral valve chordae tendineae. Impact of ring annuloplasty"

Thomas Sangild Sørensen, MSc PhD

"A New Look at Congenitally Malformed Hearts: Diagnostics and Interventional Planning using Interactive Planar Reformatting and Three-dimensional Virtual Reconstruction of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data"

Research Year Theses

Signe Holm Larsen

"Congenital heart surgery at Skejby Sygehus 1996-2002"

Christian Høyer

"Assessment of myocardial stunning in a porcine OPCAB model by use of Doppler Strain and Strain Rate"

Jonas Amstrup Funder

"Evaluation of High Intensity Transient Signals in a New Bileaflet Heart Valve Design"

Camilla Nyboe

"Evaluation of Turbulence Downstream of Three Mechanical Bileaflet Heart Valves"


Research Year Theses

Anne Skakkebæk Jensen

"The microelastic properties of the human anterior mitral valve - an in-vitro study using scanning acustic microscopy"

Troels Fogh Pedersen

"Dynamic In Vitro model for validation of Tissue Doppler Imaging Echocardiography"

Morten Olsen

"Sonomicrometry - accuracy and precision of a dynamic cardiac dimension assessment system"


Research Year Theses

Søren Berndt Hansen

"Conversion of Skeletal Muscle for Myocardium-Like Work. Animal Experimental Studies of Anatomical, Mechanical and Metabolic Implications for Cardiomyoplasty"

Bekka Ozer Christensen

"Evaluation of a novel microsensor for monitoring of tissue viability"


Research Year Theses

Tina Schou Andersen

"Cavitation: Invasive and Non-invasive Measurements in Mechanical Heart Valve Patients"

Benny Sørensen

"Novel assessments of coagulation dynamics in patients on oral anticoagulation treatment based on a roTEG principle. Evaluation of the efficacy of ex-vivo administration of recombinant factor VIIa"

Søren Aagaard

"Måling af intermuskulært flow & gaskoncentrationer med en ny metode. En vurdering af et nyt klinisk værktøj"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

Erik Sloth, MD PhD DMSc

"Hemodynamics of the Human Pulmonary Artery"

Erik Morre Pedersen, MD PhD DMSc

"Velocity Fields and Wall Shear Stresses in the Normal Abdominal Aorta. Implications for Atherogenesis"

PhD Dissertations

Michelle S. Chew, MD PhD

"Noninvasive Paediatric Cardiac Output Measurement using Doppler Echocardiography Surface Integration of Velocity Vectors"

Jørn Attermann, MSc PhD

"Monitoring Oral Anticoagulant Therapy: Measuring Coagulant Activity"

Research Year Theses

Michael Schacht Hansen

"Evaluation of endothelial function using phase contrast based MRI; Reproducibility and repeatability"

Pia Hughes

"Peroperativ Autolog Blodtransfusion ved Elektiv Hjertekirurgi - en revurdering"

Jonas Rickers

"Validation of real time MR flow measurements and quantitation of the hyperamic response in atherosclerotic patients"

Rasmus Stokholm

"Arterial wall shear stress measured by MRI-techniques after growth hormone administration"


PhD Dissertations

Sten Lyager Nielsen, MD PhD

"The impact of chordal force distribution on functional mitral regurgitation - in vitro studies"

Kim Terp, MD PhD

"Diffuse Ischemic Myocardial Injury and Remodeling. With Special Reference to Quantitative Evaluation of Left Ventricular Function - an Experimental Porcine Model"

Research Year Theses

Michael Nørgaard

"Measurement of volume blood flow, cross sectional area and wall shear stress in the vertebral artery using the multiple sectored three-dimensional paraboloid method"


PhD Dissertations

Elisabeth Vidstid Stenbøg, MD PhD

"Experimental Studies of Induced Hypertensive Pulmonary Vascular Disease in Newborn Pigs"

Research Year Theses

Katrine Bæk-Jensen

"The dynamic function of the papillary muscles in relation to the mitral valve"


PhD Dissertations

Niels-Henrik Staalsen, MD PhD

"Flow fields at vascular end-to-side anastomoses in vitro and in vivo. Impact of the anastomosis angle"

Research Year Theses

Henrik Faarup

"Assessment of the conductance catheter method's accuracy and repeatability in determination of the pressure-volume relations in the left ventricle"

Martin Kristensen

"Kvantitativ evaluering af venstre ventrikels funktion med konduktansmetoden i en kronisk dyreeksperimentel post-infarkt model"


Research Year Theses

Anders Eggert Gravergaard

"Etablering af en dyreeksperimentel model til evaluering af modificeret ultrafiltrations effekt, specielt på den pulmonale modstand"

Henriette Jørgensen

"Intraoperative measurement of volumetric blood flow by the transit time ultrasound method"

Thomas Decker Christensen

"Etablering af en langtidsoverlevelsesmodel for grise med indopereret mekanisk hjerteklap - med speciel reference til det postoperative forløb"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

Liv Bjørn-Hansen Gøtzsche, MD DMSc

"Thyroid hormones and myocardial function"

PhD Dissertations

Erik Sloth, MD PhD

"Non-invasive evaluation of the anatomy and flow patterns in the human pulmonary artery"

Research Year Theses

Anne Bloch Thomsen

"Closure of atrial septal defects with catheter technique. An animal experimental study"

Vibeke Koudahl

"Etablering af en dyreeksperimentel model til evaluering af multiplan transesofageal ekkokardiografi"

Mary Kruse

"In vitro evaluation of the FAcE method for quantification of axial flow, using double angled scanner planes"

Mette Veien

"Evaluering af ekkokardiografisk udstyr med multiplan transesofageal transducer. Med fokus på metodens billeddannende egenskaber"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

Hans Nygaard, MSc DMSc

"Quantitative Evaluation of Turbulence Downstream of Aortic Valves"

Research Year Theses

Kim Houlind

"In vitro and in vivo evaluation of the MR phase method for three-dimensional measurements of blood flow velocities in the human heart"

Henrik Vad

"Koagulationssystemet og hæmodynamikken under eksperimentelt fremkaldt intravaskulær koagulation hos kaniner"


PhD Dissertations

Erik Morre Pedersen, MD PhD

"In vitro og in vivo studier af blodstrømningsforholdene i den normale abdominale aorta og aortabifurkatur"

Research Year Theses

Thue Bisgaard

"Evaluering af ekko-Doppler cardiografi til studie af mitralklappens funktion og strømningsforhold"

Sten Lyager Nielsen

"Hæmodynamiske studier af valvula mitralis med særlig henblik på: Fysiologisk og dynamisk vurdering af den naturlige mitralklap"

Sten Oyre

"In vitro and in vivo evaluation of magnetic resonance for hemodynamic studies"


Research Year Theses

Lars Lyhne Knudsen

"Udvikling, fremstilling, in-vitro og in-vivo evaluering af en kunstig hjerteklap til implantation ved hjælp af kateterteknik med sigte på fremtidig intravasal behandling af hjerteklaplidelser"


Research Year Theses

Won Yong Kim

"Hæmodynamiske studier af arterielle stenoser på grise"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

J. Michael Hasenkam, MD DMSc

"Studies of Velocity Fields and Turbulence Downstream of Aortic Valve Prostheses in Vitro and in Vivo"


Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Dissertations

Peter Kildeberg Paulsen, MD DMSc

"Use of a hot-film anemometer system for cardiovascular studies, with special reference to the ascending aorta"