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The Department of Clinical Medicine is the largest department at the Faculty of Health and holds the overall responsibility for the master's programmes in medicine and molecular medicine.

We conduct clinical research within all the medical specialties, and we have modern facilities for experimental surgery and medicine, as well as advanced imaging facilities. We collaborate closely with the regional hospitals - in particular Aarhus University Hospital - and the department’s research facilities are integrated throughout the hospitals where research and clinical education go hand in hand.

The department was officially established in 1972, but the experimental clinical research has taken place since 1935, when the first laboratories directly related to the clinical departments were established. Our aim for now and the future is that we want our department to be one of Denmark’s strongest research institutions and at the same time one of the best places to work and get your medical education.

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We have exciting job opportunities within a broad range of academic areas on a regular basis. Read more about working with us or see the list of vacant positions at Clinical Medicine.

What We Do and Where We Work

We are a brickless organisation conducting both basic health science research and clinical research within all medical specialities in collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital and the regional hospitals in Central Denmark Region.

All research areas

The department holds overall clinical responsibility for the master's degree programme in medicine and contributes to several other degree programmes.

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We have several core facilities with special equipment and special competences. They offer services to researchers at Aarhus University, but also to researchers from other universities, hospitals etc.

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The surgical research laboratories offer operation and laboratory facilities for both research and education. Everyone with an interest in research and education is welcome to contact us.

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