Seahorse energy metabolism analysis

Seahorse energy metabolism analysis MMF has a Seahorse real-time metabolic analyzer system with an image cytometer for cell counting. The instrument can measure mitochondrial respiration and glycolytic lactate production. It has been used in many of MMF’s projects and collaboration projects with clinicians at Aarhus University hospital and scientists at Aarhus University. Disturbances of mitochondrial energy metabolism indicate mitochondrial dysfunction, which is key feature in many disease conditions.

Examples of projects:

Disturbances of energy metabolism in cultured cells
Cultured patient fibroblasts, iPS cells generated from fibroblasts with genetic disorders, and genetically modified human cell models were analyzed to elucidate effects on energy metabolism features.

Analysis of energy metabolism in blood cells from patients
Fresh or frozen peripheral blood mononuclear cells isolated from human blood samples are used to profile mitochondrial respiration and glycolytic lactate production in the cytosol. This has been done for heart failure patients, diabetes patients, and patients with genetic disorders.

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