Mitochondrial medicine

One of MMF’s focus areas is the role of mitochondria in various diseases. MMF has a long standing expertise in mitochondrial metabolism of fatty acids. In addition, we study mitochondrial metabolism of the signal gas sulfide and of the branch-chained amino acids, as well as activity measurement of mitochondrial energy metabolism. Other important mitochondrial functions which are under research are protein quality control (mitochondrial chaperones and proteases), mitochondria-regulated ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), antioxidant systems, apoptosis s as well as metabolic regulation (Warburg effect). The studies are carried out on different forms of specimens; cultivated patient fibroblasts, tissue samples from animal models, blood cells from patients, cell models, etc.

Furthermore, we have active research projects in diabetes (type I and II, studies of blood cells and muscle biopsies), long term complications of COVID-19, chronic fatigue syndrome (skin cells and blood cells), hereditary cardiomyopathy, neuro-degeneration.