Researcher honoured for MRI scanning technique to diagnose ovarian cancer

Malene Aastrup, MD and PhD student from the Department of Clinical Medicine has received an award for her work on a metabolism-based MRI scanning technique that has great potential for earlier and better detection of ovarian cancer.

Malene Aastrup was presented with the award at the Danish Society of Radiology’s annual meeting on 25 January 2024. The award includes DKK 50,000. Photo: Marjun Danielsen, AU Photo

Malene Aastrup researches MRI diagnosis of ovarian cancer. She is examining whether a new type of contrast agent that can measure the characteristic metabolism in cancer cells can be used to distinguish between benign and malignant tumours, and whether the MRI scanning technique can detect tumours in the ovaries more accurately than current diagnostic imaging techniques. This new, advanced metabolism-based MRI scan will also be able to provide information about the type and spread of the disease, which may increase the women's chances of survival.

Malene Aastrup has now received an award for her research from the Civilingeniør Poul Lundbeck og Hustrus Fond to promote radiology in Denmark.

"The award is very important to me because it’ll help to highlight the advanced metabolism-based MRI scanning technique that I’m researching. As a future radiologist, being part of the development of a completely new type of MRI scanning technique means a lot, and hopefully, in the long term, I can also help to implement this technique in everyday clinical practice to benefit patients," says Malene Aastrup, who is affiliated with Aarhus University's MR Research Centre, located at Aarhus University Hospital.


MD and PhD Student Malene Aastrup
Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine, The MR Research Centre
Mobile phone: +45 30 31 34 04