Visit from Germany in February 2024

Adrien Frommer, Abteilung für Kinderorthopädie, Deformitätenrekonstruktion und Fußchirurgie,  Universitätsklinikum Münster,  Germany  und Dr. med. Katharina Schultz, Unfallchirurgin in Düsseldorf will visit us from the 19th to 21st February 2024.

EACD, Brugge 2024:

Nordbye-Nielsen K, Wright FV, Rahbek O, Møller-Madsen B, Maribo T: "Feasibility of the Challenge assessment, the Gait Outcomes Assessment List and Moving Together (Sammen i Bevægelse) a group-based motor skills intervention for independent school-aged children with cerebral palsy". Abstract to be presented.

DOS Kongressen 15-17 November 2023 at Falkoner Scandic, Copenhagen

15.11.2023. Paediatric session. Chairs: Bjarne Møller-Madsen and Louise Klingenberg. 6 out of 10 abstracts coming from Aarhus University Hospital.

Deutscher Kongress für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie, Berlin 24-27 October 2023

Rölfing JD: “Neu radiologische Referenzwerte der zentralen Kniegelenksanatomie bei Kindern und Jugendlichen”. Abstract to be presented.

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Kirsten Nordby-Nielsen defended her Ph.d. on the 6th of October 2023

Title of dissertation: Cerebral palsy Challenge assessment and Gait Outcomes Assessment List questionnaire applied in ambulatory school-aged children

Hans-Christen Husum defends his PhD in Aalborg on the 23rd of June 2023

Title of dissertation: Pubo-femoral distance measurement in screening for developmental dysplasia of the hip

Jakob Bie Granild-Jensen defended his PhD on 6th of June 2023

Title of dissertation: Fracture rates and response to zoledronate in children with cerebral palsy.

24th EFORT Annual Congress Vienna, 24-26 May 2023. Professor Bjarne Møller-Madsen invited Speaker:

Transition Clinic: PES PLANUS - From Toddler To Adulthood - What Should Not Be Missed?

Symposium Orthopaedics > Paediatric Orthopaedics. Friday 26 May 2024. Helsinki 08:36-08:48. Speaker.

Presentation title: Pes Planus In Young Adults. Diagnosis And Management.

POSNA Annual Meeting 26-28 April 2023 in Nashville, TN, USA

Møller-Madsen B, Granild-Jensen J, Langdahl B, Rackauskaite G, Farholt S, Vestergaard E, Søndergaard C. ePoster presented: "Zoledronate increases Bone Mineral Density in children with severe cerebral palsy: A randomized, controlled trial". Eposter presented.

Nielsen MF, Rölfing J, Pedersen LK, Davidsen M, Møller-Madsen B: ”Is Simple Talectomy a Good Salvage Procedure for Severe Foot Deformity?” Abstract presented.

The 41st EPOS Annual Meeting in Krakow, 29 March to 1 April 2023:

Nielsen MF, Rölfing J, Pedersen LK, Davidsen M, Møller-Madsen B: ”Is Simple Talectomy a Good Salvage Procedure for Severe Foot Deformity?” Abstract presented. 

Hvidberg E, Vogt B, Gosheger G, Rölfing JD, Antfang C, Abood A, Rödl R, Møller-Madsen B, Frommer A: “New reference values for femoral floor angle and tibial roof angle in 8-16-year-old children”. Abstract presented.

Husum HC, Damkjær R, Hellfritzsch MB, Henriksen M, Lapitskaya N, Kold S, Møller-Madsen B, Rahbek O: "Screening for hip dysplasia using pubo femoral distances is more effective than clinical examinations and risk factors". Abstract presented.

Granild-Jensen JB, Pedersen AB, Kristiansen EB, Langdahl B, Møller-Madsen B, Søndergaard C, Farholt S, Vestergaard ET, Rackauskaite G: Fracture rates in children with cerebral palsy: a nationwide register-based study (subID: 52390013505". E-poster presented.