Research areas

Knee ligament reconstruction

Cruciate and collateral ligament injuries are the most common knee injury pathologies. Throught clinical and biomechanical studies do we investigate  new treatment methods for improved clinical outcome for knee ligament reconstruction surgery both for pediatric and adult patients. The studies investigate surgical modalities such as graft choice and cocomitant procedures 

Patella Instability

Patella instability can lead to disabilitation recurrent patella instability that needs surgical treatment. Throught clinical studies do we investigate  new treatment methods for improved clinical outcome after patella stabilization surgery testing new techniques for medial patellafemoral ligament reconstruction for bothpediatric and adult patients. Also surgical techniques for correction of patellafemoral dysplasia are inestigated.

Cartilage repair

Cartilage is a highly specialized tissue cover joint surfaces with limited healing capability. Cartilgeg injury is therefore highly challenging. Throught clinical and laboratory studies do we investigate new cartilage repair methods based on cellular, stemcell and synthetic tissue scaffolds as well as cartilage transplantation techniques.

Knee injury epidemilogy

Knee injuries with ligament involvement is a common and debilitating‚Äč condition. In Denmark and other scandinavian countries national regstries for knee ligamenent reconstruction produres exist. Epidemiological studies that investigate Patient characteristics, surgical developments and clinical outcome are performed  both for national but also for combined international cohorts. Recently these studies are supplemented with articfical intelligence methods to study predictors for outcome after reconstruction surgery.