The KETO group

The Keto-Aid study; Ketone bodies - Applications in diabetes

The overall purpose of our studies performed by the Keto group is to define fuel and ketone body metabolism in type 1 diabetes and to elucidate on the positive effects of 3-OHB on muscle, heart and CNS. 


The funding received for our ketone studies (2019-2024) amounts to a total of DKK 18,893,895

Novo Nordisk Foundation, Steno Collaborative Project Grants 2019 (Niels Møller), DKK 7,865,865

Novo Nordisk Foundation, Tandem Programme 2019 (Niels Møller), DKK 5,294,830

Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus, PhD fellowship 2020 (Lars Gormsen/Mette Kjærulff), DKK 550,000

Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus, PhD fellowship 2020 (Lars Gormsen/Thien Luong), DKK 550,000  

Graduate School of Health, AU, 2020, full PhD fellowship (Henrik Wiggers/Nigopan Gopalasingam), DKK 1,500,000  

Helsefonden 2021 (Mette Louise Blouner Gram Kjærulff), DKK 300,000

Helsefonden 2021 (Thien Vinh Luong), DKK 275,000

A.P. Møllerfonden 2021 (Mette Glavind), DKK 28,200

Graduate School of Health, AU, 2021 (Mette Glavind), DKK 30,000

Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus, PhD fellowship 2021 (Niels Møller/Maj Bangshaab), DKK 550,000    

Danish Diabetes Academy 2021 (Ole Emil Andersen), DKK 1,100,000

Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus, PhD fellowship 2021 (Niels Møller/Mette Glavind), DKK 600,000

Riisfort Foundation 2022 (Niels Møller), DKK 250,000

The Keto group studies

The La-Ke project. Lactate and ketone bodies to preserve vital organ blood supply and function in heart, kidneys and brain (2019-2023)

PhD student: Mette Glavind Bülow Pedersen

PI: Niels Møller

The effect of ketone diet on heart metabolism and brain perfusion (2020-2023)

PhD student: Thien Vinh Luong

PI: Lars Christian Gormsen

Modulation of circulating levels of the ketone body 3-hydroxybutyrate in patients with type 2 diabetes and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: Cardiovascular effects (2020-2023)

PhD student: Nigopan Gopalasingam

PI: Henrik Wiggers

Effects of intermittent fasting on cardiac substrate metabolism (2020-2024)

PhD student: Mette Louise Blouner Gram Kjærulff

PI: Lars Christian Gormsen

Metabolic effects of exogenous ketosis in patients with type 1 diabetes and in healthy individuals - a controlled, randomised, clinical study (2021-2024)

PhD student: Maj Bangshaab

PI: Niels Møller

The metabolic effects of β-hydroxybutyrat on working skeletal muscle (2021-2024)

PhD student: Ole Emil Andersen

PI: Niels Jessen

Senior researchers