Bjørn Richelsen receives honorary award

Bjørn Richelsen, professor at Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, and recently retired chief physician at Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus and Department of Endocrinology, Aarhus University Hospital, has received the 2023 Niels Schwartz Sørensen Grant from the Danish Diabetes Association.

Photo: Claus Hastrup, SDCA

The recognition is given to Bjørn Richelsen for his extensive research on fat cells and obesity.

Bjørn Richelsen was one of the pioneers in studying the significance of fat cells, and he has contributed significantly to the understanding of fundamental mechanisms behind the harmful effects of obesity.

Bjørn has also been a driving force in using the latest research findings within this area of research, which has been beneficial for obese individuals, including patients with type 2 diabetes.

With the award comes DKK 72,000.

The Niels Schwartz Sørensen Honorary Award was established by the Danish Diabetes Association i 1992. 2023 will be the the final year to present the award. 


Bjørn Richelsen 
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