Human Cortex Lab

Our Mission

Advancing translational neuroscience to improve the understanding and treatment of brain diseases.

Aims and Core Offerings

To amplify and broaden our impact, we position the Human Cortex Lab as a key facility accessible to premier neuroscience labs and industrial collaborators both in Denmark and globally. Our goal is to support a multitude of high-caliber projects, thereby maximizing the impact we can have on the field of neuroscience and neurology.

We focus our efforts on refining and delivering six key offerings:

  •     Procurement of fresh, viable samples of the human brain, both healthy and diseased.
  •     Execution of acute electrophysiological studies and calcium imaging on human brain slices.
  •     Cultivation and maintenance of organotypic brain slice cultures for complex experimentation.
  •     Implementation of viral infections, gene modifications, and drug applications on human brain slices.
  •     Proper preparation and preservation of tissue samples for future analyses.
  •     Planning and initiation of clinical trials for patients with neurological diseases

In addition to these offerings, we maintain a research biobank, complemented by a comprehensive data repository that includes clinical, neuro-imaging, pathological, and lab results.

We provide a holistic package comprising data, advanced experimental capabilities, and either fresh or cultured tissue samples to our collaborators, along with immediate expertise in clinical trial conduct.

All photos by Jens Hartmann Schmidt, AU Photos