Husbandry services, ordering and transport of experimental animals

What services do you get?

We take care of the husbandry of the experimental animals at the Department of Clinical Medicine, so you can use your time on research.

The staff at the facility takes care of the following:

  • The daily mandatory inspection of each animal
  • Ensures that all animals have water and feed
  • Weekly changing and cleaning of cages
  • Ordering and receiving animals from external suppliers
  • Transport of animals between the different sites at Aarhus University Hospital, and from Department of Biomedicine
  • Regular health monitoring of the animal facilities

We serve research groups and clinical departments at:

  • Department of Clinical Medicine
  • Aarhus University Hospital

Other research groups at Aarhus University can enquire for options.

The facility is not open for groups outside Aarhus University or Aarhus University Hospital.


The listed prices for housing, husbandry and other services are for researchers from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital only.

Housing cost is per animal per day. We do not charge per cage.

Mouse 4.00 DKK per animal per day
Rat 9.50 DKK per animal per day
Axolotl 9.50 DKK per animal per day
Other small animals Prices vary. Please enquire

Services is per animal, usage or hour as mentioned below.

Surgery table usage, including simple consumables 100.00 DKK per animal
Inhalation anesthesia (Sevoflurane) 150.00 DKK per animal
Injection anesthesia 20.00 DKK per injection
Medicine for analgesia and euthanasia Free of charge
Service from staff besides husbandry 308.60 DKK per running hour


Please contact if you have need of the facilities or if you have questions.

Publications and acknowledgements

Please mention “Forum Animal Facilities and staff” (no personal names) in your acknowledgement.


Filippo Peder D'Andrea

Head of Forum Animal Facility