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Lars Østergaard , Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Aarhus Universitet

Afhandling: "Diagnosis of urogenital Chlamydia trachomatis infection by use of DNA amplification

PhD Defences


Cand.med. Steffen Leth: Characterizing viral dynamics during mono- and combinatorial interventions aimed at diminishing the latent HIV-1 reservoir in vivo

Cand.med. Chalotte Willemann Stecher: The Mali Schistosomiasis Morbidity study: MaSchisMo

Cand.med. Rasmus Offersen: HIV-latency: cellula and humoral immunomodulation


Cand.med. Nis Pedersen Jørgensen: Staphylococcal biofilm infections on orthopedic implants: The effect of biofilm formation on antibiotic tolerance

 Cand.med. Lars Skov Dalgaard: "Bacteremia and fungemia in patients with end-stage renal disease: risk and mortality” “Bacteremia and fungemia in patients with end-stage renal disease: risk and mortality”  

Cand.scient. Kaja Zuwala: Antiviral Macromolecular Prodrugs: Structure-Function Relationship and Mechanism of Action

Cand.med. Kristina Öbrinck-Hansen:


Cand.med. Sanne Jespersen: "PIs or NNRTIs as first-line HIV treatment in a West African population with low adherence: the PIONA trial"



Cand.med. Lars Toft Nielsen: "Vaccination against oncogenic human papillomavirus infection in HIV-infected populations: serologic responses, current status and future perspectives"

Cand.med. Thomas Aagaard Rasmussen: "Reversal of HIV-1 Latency by Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: Part of an HIV-1 Curative Strategy?"


Cand.med. Frauke Rudolf: "Predinam-suPAR and TB-score used to predict and intervene against high Mortality, a randomized trial"

Cand.med. Randi Kartheeban Berg: "Sensing of HIV-1 by the innate immune system"

Cand.med. Grethe Lemvik: Isoiazid of rifampicin and Isoniazid Preventive Therapy for Children exposted to TB - the IRIPT trial


Cand.med. Rikke Olesen: "HIV Infection in BLT Humanized Mice: The Effect of Antiretroviral Treatment on Genital HIV Levels and the Impact of the HIV accessory protein Vpu on Replication and Pathogenicity

Cand.med. Ulla Schierup Nielsen: "Acute hepatitis A and B in Danish travellers: incidence, predictors, and prevention"


cand.med. Ole Schmeltz Søgaard: "Non-AIDS defining diseases before and after HIV diagnosis: Characteristics of risk, prognosis, and their usefulness in HIV screening"

Sygeplejerske Lotte Ørneborg Rodkjær: "Hiv og depression"



cand.med. Jane Agergaard : Randomises study of not providing DTP vaccination together with or after measels vaccination: impact on morbidity and gorwth


cand.scient. Martin Roelsgaard Jakobsen : HIV-1drug resistance: Detection of minority resistant variants


cand.med. Christian Wejse :   The role of tuberculosis in the pathogenesis and treatment of tuberculosis.

cand.med. Stine Johnsen: effect of antiretroviral therapy on metabolism and body composition in HIV-infected patients



cand.med. Susanne Deutch : Bredspektret PCR og DNA-sekvensanalyse til hurtig diagnostik hos patienter med meningitis.



cand.med. Rajesh Mohey : Påvisning af resistensmutation hos HIV fra patienter behandlet med antiretroviral terapi.

Research Year Defences


Anni Winckelmann: "Administration of a Toll-­?like receptor 9 agonist decreases the proviral reservoir in HIV-­?infected patients on HAART"  

Lærke Valsøe Munk-Petersen: "T-Cell Populations in HIV-1 Infected Patients Before and After TLR9-Adjuvanted Pneumococcal Vaccination"

Line Vibholm: "Antivirale og Immunologiske Effekter af Tenofovirgel som Mikrobicid på Vaginal Herpes Simplex Virus 2 Infektion"

Bo Hønge: "Hepatitis prevalence and impact in a West African HIV cohort"

Lise Haubjerg Nielsen: "Hospitalization for Pneumonia among Indviduals Whit and Without End Stage Renal Disease: A Danish Nationwide, Population-Based Cohort Study"

Thorny Haraldsdottir: "Diabetes prevalence in TB patients, TB suspects and healthy controls"


Nis Pedersen Jørgensen: "Staphylococcal biofilm formation in orthopedic implant infections in a mice model"

Thomas Gravesen Johannesson: "Karakterisering af B- og T-celle populationer før og efter pneumokokvaccination med eller uden en tool-like receptor 9 agonist"

Jakob Virenfeldt Christiansen: "Structural and sex-differential effects on outcome of tuberculosis in a West African population"

Katrine Meyer Jensen: "Timing of toll-like receptor 9 agonist adminstration in pneumococcal vaccination impact both humoral and cellular immune responses as well as nasopharyngeal colonization in mice"

Jesper Damsgaard: "Virale CNS-infektioner - et klinisk studie af associeret neuropatologi med anvendelse af serielle biomarkører, MR-skanning og kognitiv test"

Katrine Schou:  "Bakteriel og viral meningitis - kliniske manifestationer, forløb og senfølger"


Anne Roslev Bukh: "“Microbial translocation disrupts innate and adaptive immune responses in untreated HIV-1 infected individuals

Frauke Rudolf: " Validation of the Bandim Tuberculosis-score: reliability and ability to predict outcome"


Rasmus Offersen: "Serological and Cellular Response to Toll-Like receptor 9-Agonist Adjuvanted Pneumococcal Vaccination in HIV Infected Adults"

Grethe Lemvik: "The effects of diphteria-tetanus-pertussis booster vaccine on soluble urokinase - type plasminogen activator receptor (SuPAR) in plasma


Lars Toft Nielsen: "Cell mediated immune response in balb/c mice after immunization with ¥ã-retroviral particles encoding an HIV MCH-1 epitope"

Anders Porskrog: "Targetting hidden tuberculosis in a high burden country"

Karen Rokkedal Lausch: "Low birth weight, sex, season, and mortality in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

Andreas Rudkjøbing: "Serum Defensin levels and their correlation to markers of HIV infection.


Morten Bjerregaard Andersen: "Measuring TB prevalence in a low resource setting"

Kristina Bak Kristoffersen: "Procalcitonins anvendelse til beslutning om behandlingsvarighed ved mist©¡nkt pneumoni hos hospitalsindlagte voksne"

Randi Berg: "Interaktion mellem Toll-like receptor 4 og 8 med Mitogen aktiverede protein kinaser i relation til HIV-1 replikation


Rikke Olesen: "Genetiske risikofaktorer for tuberkulose i en afrikansk population"

Claus Vinter Bødker Pedersen: "Toll-like receptor 8-induced replication of Human immunodeficiency virus Type 1"

Dorthe Christoffersen: "The impact of different doses of Vitamin A supplementation on male and female morbidity and mortality


Ane Bærent Fisker: "Sex-differential effects of high-dose vitamin A supplementation of birth in developing countries"

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Department of Clinical Medicine
Aarhus University Hospital


Department of Microbiology
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