Women's Health and Childhood Diseases

Children experience disease differently to adults, and women experience disease different to men. The research areas cover women’s health from pregnancy and beyond menopause. And we strive to give children the healthiest possible start to life - from prenatal life to childhood.

What We Do

We study health of the female reproductive system, including endometriosis and cancer, and we study pregnancy, fetal development and fertility. Paediatric research covers a number of specialized areas from paediatric epidemiology to neonatal intensive care, paediatric cardiology, oncology and paediatric gastroenterology and urology.

Who We Are

We are more than 200 researchers that emphasise multidisciplinary and international collaboration based on a close partnership with clinicians.

Meet Associate Professor Puk Sandager

Portrait of Puk Sandager, Photo: Simon Fischel

How can we develop better ways to predict and diagnose maternal and fetal complications? These are important questions for PhD and Clinical Associate Professor Puk Sandager.

Meet Associate Professor Kasper Kyng

Portrait of Kasper J. Kyng, Photo: Simon Fischel, AU Health

How do we identify and predict brain injury in newborns? Kasper Jacobsen Kyng strives for every newborn baby to have the best possible chance in life.

Research Areas and Centres