Endocrinology and metabolism

Endocrinology and metabolism are linked to a variety of conditions and diseases ranging from diabetes, bone diseases, pituitary disorders and hypertension to heart rate, breathing and brain function. We are particually involved in testing new drugs and devices for diabetes.

What We Do

Our approach includes state-of-the-art laboratory techniques, translational research, studies of nutrition and exercise, clinical experimental studies, large cohort studies and clinical epidemiology. We study how hormones keep cells and organisms alive and investigate rare congenital syndromes such as Turner and Klinefelter.

Who We Are

We are more than 100 researchers and PhD students including both clinical and basic scientists with strong local, national and international collaborations.

Diabetes research

Meet Associate Professor Ulla Opstrup

Portrait of Ulla Opstrup, Photo: Jonathan Bjerg Møller

How do we offer the best possible treatment for pregnant women with diabetes and at the same time uncover the underlying causes?

Meet Clinical Professor Claus Gravholt

Portrait of Claus Gravholt, Photo: Jonathan Bjerg Møller

Is it possible to map the genes that prevent women with Turner Syndrome and men with Klinefelter Syndrome from having children of their own?

Research Areas and Centres