MMF contributes to research-based teaching in connection with its research into basic mitochondrion functions and their disruption in disease processes. MMF’s teaching is grounded in MMF’s expertise in methodology, knowledge and scientific concepts. The majority of the teaching is focused on the PhD degree programme in medicine with the objective of both contributing to the teaching of molecular medicine and forging research paths to cross-disciplinary projects with precision medicine sightlines. For MMF, the research-based teaching means both teaching and improving the students’ skills in the newest knowledge and methodology, and also initiating specific collaboration which utilises this knowledge and methodology.

MMF participates in teaching at both pre-graduate level via supervision of Master's thesis/research year students, and in particular in connection with teaching of PhD students, both through supervision of PhD students affiliated with MMF and as a member of the steering committee for the PhD degree programme in molecular medicine and the ClinFo PhD programme.