Pelvic floor

Research profile

Clinical activities

The department offers treatment of patients with primary genital prolapse, and patients with urinary incontinence. Treatment of patients with recurrent pelvic organ prolapse from the entire region is centralized at Aarhus University Hospital. The department has expertises in treating severe perineal lacerations after delivery. Special complicated cases are referred from all Danish hospitals. Moreover, The Urogynecological Clinic is one of two Danish departments offering operations with synthetic mesh or treatment of complications to previously inserted mesh.

Teaching activities

Nordic courses in either basal anatomy of the female pelvic floor or advanced urogynecological operative procedures are arranged in collaboration with the Anatomical Institute at Aarhus University. Main focus is in dissection workshops. However, operative techniques are also demonstrated and discussed during live operations.

Research activities

  • Participation in Nordic studies dealing with new operative procedures for prolapse repair.
  • Long term follow-up studies of traditional prolapse repair.
  • Collaboration with the Swedish National Register for Gynaecological Surgery (Gynop-Register) about evaluation of prolapse treatment in routine health care settings.
  • Obstetric anal sphincter injury (OASIS). Functional consequences of primary repair. The eligibility of endoanal ultrasound in clinical controls. The need of early secondary sphincter reconstruction and functional outcomes.
  • Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of perinal lacerations complicating vaginal births.
  • Treatment of vulvodynia including the role of physiotherapy and Botox.  
  • Imagining of pelvic floor defects in pelvic organ prolapse – the role of ultrasound examination and MRI
  • Collaboration with Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center, Aarhus University dealing with Electrospun Biomimetic Nanofibres tested in animal models to study the possibilities in pelvic floor repair in the future.In collaboration with several companies we conduct clinical studies with evaluation of new medical treatments for overactive bladder.

Pelvic Floor Unit

In the new University Hospital the Urogynecological Clinic will be part of the Pelvic Floor Unit together with colorectal surgeons, urologist and pediatrics. This Pelvic Floor Unit is a multidisciplinary unit dealing with both treatment and research of functional problems related to the pelvic floor.