Research profile

This Department is one of five Centres for the treatment of gynecologic malignancies in Denmark.

We diagnose and surgically treat cervical, endometrial, ovarian, vulvar and vaginal cancer. We are one of two Danish centres treating all five gynecological malignancies. If postoperative radiation or chemotherapy are needed the patients are referred to the Department of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital.

Our primary goal through research is to improve our results for treating cancer patients!

The Oncology Research Unit

Ovarian cancer

  • We are researching aetiology (the infection theory), genetics, tumour markers, nursing and rehabilitation in ovarian cancer.
  • In the MRI studies we are improving the sensitivity and specificity of the technique.

Endometrial cancer

  • We are improving the diagnostic tools in endometrial cancer in order to evaluate the stage of cancer preoperatively offering the optimal treatment during primary surgery.
  • We are examining the possibly aetiology of HPV infection in endometrial cancer.

Cervical cancer

  • Our research deals with improving the diagnosis of recurrence from cervical cancer and other gynecological malignancies by developing and testing a diagnostic PET probe.
  • Furthermore, we are examining the possible role of HPV latency in cervical cancer and the distribution of HPV types in older women diagnosed with a cervical cancer.

Vulvar cancer

  • Researching the aetiology and the role of HPV in vulvar cancer. We are elucidating the role of vaccination after surgical treatment of vulvar cancer.

HPV vaccination

  • The department have harboured the HPV vaccination research in the quadrivalent vaccine.
  • We are investigating the risk of developing secondary HPV cancers after immune suppression after other malignancies or organ transplantation.