Benign Gynecology

Research profile

Benign gynecology

Clinical activities

Clinical activities include the Western Danish endometriosis center, the center for advanced treatment of uterine fibroids, and general gynecology. Treatment is offered with special emphasis on advanced imaging, laparoscopy, interventional radiology and use of MR-guided focused high-frequency ultrasound. In collaboration with the urological and colorectal departments, minimally invasive surgery is performed for any kind of complex benign gynecological disease, including neuropelveological procedures.

Teaching facilities

Facilities for teaching in surgical techniques comprise advanced equipment and auditorium for transmission of live surgery, and include internet-based communication with departments in Austria and Switzerland

Research facilities

The research lab is run in partnership with the obstetrical group, and includes facilities and expertise in mygraphs studies on isolated visceral and vascular smooth muscle, and facilities for tissue culture and biochemistry.

Teaching activities

Surgeons from the benign team and the endometriosis group conduct workshops in basic and advanced laparoscopic techniques, including meetings with live surgery.

Research activities

Endometriosis: Research activities include clinical, epidemiological, genetic and basic pathophysiological aspects of endometriosis. Contact person: Axel Forman.

Adenomosis: Imaging and minimally- and non-invasive surgical treatment of adenomyosis. Contact: Margit Dueholm and Axel Forman

General gynecology: Most activities represent collaboration with the regional departments. Specific topics include outpatient laparoscopic hysterectomy, (collaboration with Herning Regional Hospital), improved diagnosis of pregnancy of unknown localization (collaboration with Viborg Regional Hospital), novel strategies for treatment of bacterial vaginosis (collaboration with Randers Regional Hospital) and new techniques for improved implantation during IVF treatment (collaboration with Horsens Regional Hospital). Contact person: Axel Forman

Basic research: Basic physiological and pharmacological properties of the human junctional zone,  and  trophoblast control of human stem villus arteries and veins. (collaboration with the Institute of Physiology, Aarhus University). Genetic aspects of endometriosis (collaboration with the Department of Human Genetics, Aarhus University Hospital Contact person: Axel Forman