Christoffer Vase Overgaard


Research Assistant

Primary affiliation

Christoffer Vase Overgaard

Areas of expertise

  • Super-Resolution
  • Deep Learning
  • Cardiac MRI
  • Biomedical data processing

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I am a civil engineer specialized in biomedical technology, with a keen interest in artificial intelligence and signal processing within the medical field. I have always been interested in aiding people through my technical skills and am currently working in the cardiac research department at the Institute of Clinical Medicine AU, collaborating with the Institute of Electrical and Computer Engineering AU.


Can computers learn to improve and speed up our MRI heart scans? My research involves the use of artificial intelligence to enhance resolution in coronary angiography MRI scans. This involves the use of the computer vision task Super-Resolution (SR). Here, a Deep Learning (DL) model looks at 2D-images or 3D-blocks from low-resolution scans and is tasked with learning how to best translate them to resemble their higher-resolution counterparts.