Sapere Aude starting grant project

Accelerating experimental atherosclerosis research with novel model approaches.

This project will take advantage of two novel methods for studying athero-sclerosis in small and large animal models that was recently developed in our research group. The main aim is to deepen our understanding of cellular mechanisms in the development of the atherosclerotic plaque.

The project was granted a DFF-Starting grant of 6.3 mio DKK and will run 2014-2018.

  Virus-mediated induced atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis can be induced in small animals with a recombinant adeno-associated virus encoding a PCSK9 mutant. This is a flexible tool for many types of mechanistic research.



  Minipigs with atherosclerosis

Transgenic Yucatan minipigs with overexpression of a PCSK9 mutant develop accelerated human-like atherosclerosis.


  • Project Group Members: Stine Gunnersen, MD, PhD student, Jeong Shim, MD, PhD student, Lisa Maria Røge, technician, Dorte Wilhart Qualmann, technician, Zahra Partovi Nasr, technician, Charlotte Brandt Sørensen, MSc, PhD, Associate professor.
  • Principal Investigator: Jacob Fog Bentzon, MD, PhD, Associate professor
  • Job opportunities: A post.doc. position (2 years) will be available in summer 2015 and will be advertised for internationally.